School Uniform 2020-2021

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Our Core Values

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Start of 2020-21

The school year starts on Tuesday 1st September. However, the majority of this first week back I have assigned as ‘Reorganisation Days’. These are for staff to prepare the school site, receive training, and to organise the pupils’ learning for the first weeks back. 

We have a small number of pupils who we will be inviting into school for a half-hour session on Thursday 3rd September. These are pupils who we feel would benefit from seeing their classroom in advance of them fully restarting. Teachers will contact these pupils at the start of next week with information about times. 

Also on Thursday 3rd September, we will be inviting our Year 3 pupils into school for a half-hour session. This is because our Year 3 pupils are moving across to the Junior side of the building and will have an opportunity to see the building before all the pupils return and they are unable to walk so freely through the school. Year 3 teacher will contact pupils at the start of next week with information about times. 

This will mean that the first day back for the vast majority of children will be Monday 7th September 2020. Our Nursery pupils will have a staggered entry as we would normally do with younger pupils and so they will start in small groups over the first weeks after meetings with parents. Our Reception pupils will come in small groups on Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, and Wednesday 9th before they all attend as a class on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th. 

Useful Information for Parents and Carers

Below is a range of points that are useful for parents and carers to know in advance of the children returning. Most of these were on my final letter of last year but there are some additions:- 

Please do not send your child into school if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms; 

  • The School has a COVID-19 Risk Assessment which plans for the identified risks and responses to be made; 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be available for all staff as required and further stock, including cleaning products, will be provided by Cardiff Council; 
  • Parents will not be able to come onto the school site; 
  • Children will be kept in their class ‘bubble’ throughout the day. Classes will not mix. We hope to have children undertaking learning outside if possible to increase the ventilation; 
  • Children will not be expected to maintain social distancing with other children. However, staff will, as much as possible, need to continue to be socially distant from children and other adults. It is acknowledged that this is very difficult with younger pupils and those who may require intimate care. PPE is available to staff if required; 
  • School uniform should be worn by pupils – we ask that uniform is washed regularly – Uniform can now be purchased at YC Sports on Crwys Road; 
  • There will be staggered start and finish times for pupils and staff – Please see the timings below 
  • There will be staggered break and lunch times – children will be able to go outside at allocated times, in allocated areas, to minimise the number of pupils on the yard and to keep them in their class ‘bubble’ as much as possible; 
  • Hand hygiene and hand sanitisation measures will continue; 
  • Classes will not mix with other classes and movement around the School will be minimised; 
  • Classes will be assigned toilet cubicles and sinks so that only the class ‘bubble’ uses them; 
  • Children will be given their own resources such as pens and pencils that they will not share with others. There will need to be some sharing of resources within a class and these will be cleaned regularly; 
  • Any resource that is used across classes (for example a set of footballs for a PE lesson) will be set aside, out of reach for 48 hours (72 hours for plastics) before it can be used by another group; 
  • Children should bring the minimum amount of the own belongings to school. No toys should be brought; 
  • There will be no points when large groups of pupils will congregate together i.e. no school assemblies together, no crossing in the corridors etc.; 
  • Consideration will be given to each classroom and how best to organise the space to maximise social distancing measures; 
  • The School will be able to have external professionals on site, including supply teachers, but social distancing measures and good hand hygiene will be required. We need to keep a record of who has been onsite; 
  • The school kitchen will remain closed initially and so all pupils will need to bring a packed lunch, snack and drink with them each day; 
  • The Free School Meals voucher system will continue with money being paid directly into bank accounts or supermarket vouchers provided for those who are eligible; 
  • There will be no breakfast club or after school clubs for the first weeks of the year; 
  • The enhanced cleaning regime implemented for the three week return will continue; 
  • The School will engage in the ‘Test, Trace, Protect’ programme to support the management of any outbreaks within the community; 
  • There is an established protocol to follow should a pupil or member of staff display COVID-19 symptoms which include use of allocated isolation rooms and PPE; 
  • Children travelling in taxis will be encouraged to wear face masks, although it is acknowledged that consideration needs to be made about individual pupils and their needs.