Letting Us Know If Your Child Is Returning

As we plan to open the School on Monday 29th June to limited numbers of pupils, it is important that we are aware of how many parents and carers want their child to return.

If you would or would not like your child to return then you can let us know by filling in the form below. You can also send a message to your child’s class teacher via Class Dojo to let them know. If we do not hear from you or we are unable to contact you by Friday 19th June, we will assume that your child is not returning. We will be able to let you know when your child will be able to attend once we all this information.


Measures We Will Take

PLEASE NOTE – As we are still two weeks away from reopening, some of these measures may change if required.
– School to have a full pre-opening risk assessment visit from Cardiff Council – This will include boiler servicing, fire safety checks, legionella testing, capacity assessments etc.;
– Regular handwashing by all children and staff will be undertaken – all cleaning products have been ordered by Cardiff Council and we will be well-stocked;
– Hand sanitiser stations will be set up through the School;
– Social distancing will be emphasised continuously for all pupils and staff;
– An enhanced cleaning regime will be in place with frequently touched surfaces regularly cleaned;
– School will be open for 4 days a week – the fifth day will be used to give an enhanced clean to the School,
staff to undertake training and for staff to prepare online work for pupils at home;
– Classrooms and other areas are being measured to calculate how many people can be in the room whilst maintaining the necessary social distancing;
– A one-way system will be in place for areas of the School;
– A range of signage and floor tape will be in place to remind and direct children and staff;
– Children will be placed in ‘bubbles’ – these will only contain a very small number of children (likely between 3 and 6);
– The ‘bubbles’ will contain the same children and adults in the same areas of the School all day;
– Children will work in one room and will be allocated an outside space that they will be able to use at points during the day;
– We will aim to have the children outdoors as much as possible;
– Pupils will not need to wear school uniform – this is to enable children to wear fresh clothing should they attend on consecutive days;
– Children will have a tray in which they will have all the necessary equipment for the day. Equipment will not be shared between pupils;
– No lunch will be served at the School. All children will need to bring a packed lunch, drink and snack from home;
– Rooms will be ‘decluttered’ of toys and equipment that are not easily cleaned;
– There will be staggered start and finish times for different year groups;
– We will set up different entry and exit points to the School for different children and staff;
– An isolation room will be set up to isolate any child or member of staff who shows symptoms whilst in school;
– We will be providing staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if appropriate for their close work with individual children;
– No parents or other visitors will be allowed into the school building;
– We will operate a ‘Virtual School Office’ so contact can be made through electronic means i.e. email, telephone etc.

Questions I Do Not Yet Have the Answers To
– We do not yet know if Nursery will be returning and, if they do, which children will return;
– We do not yet know whether children will be in for a half-day or a full day – we may start with a half-day provision and increase if possible;
– We do not yet know which children will attend on which days.