Hello and welcome to my first ‘Headteacher Blog’. This is an opportunity for me to write some general thoughts and observations about the day to day running of Llanedeyrn Primary School.


It has been a long but productive Summer Holiday for the School. The ‘Fun Alive’ club that ran for four weeks at the school was a great success and provided stimulating and entertaining care for our pupils during the holidays. We even had children coming from Schools all over Cardiff! We are hoping that we will be able to offer such play scheme provision in future school holidays.


In addition there have been a few room changes at the School. Mrs Jopson has a new classroom and (most of!) her furniture has arrived. We have developed a new Conference Room so that meetings with large numbers of people can take place in a warm, private environment. We have also developed a new Nurture Room which will enable us to better support pupils and their social and emotional needs.


Of course we also have many of our children coming to ‘Big School’ for the first time. Their transition into our Reception class has been excellent and I have been lucky enough to have had many of them visit my office in the first few days to say hello! I am certain it will be an exciting seven years in our School for these pupils and their families.


We are also welcoming many new pupils to our Nursery. They are joined there by Mrs Robinson who will be taking a Nursery Class for the first time but I know that she has already thoroughly enjoyed her first few days. We will have more nursery age children joining us over the next few months and we hope to be full by Christmas.


We continue to have new children join us from other Schools and those children who are new to the country. We want all these children to feel part of our School very quickly and so we have a system in place to welcome all new arrivals and their families to our School Community.


We are one year into the School’s ‘Five Year Plan’ and there have been many positive progresses during this first year. However, we know that we still have some way to go to meet each of the ‘Five Year Plan’ promises. In order for us to succeed in this vision, we need everyone in the Llanedeyrn Primary School family to work towards these goals. Everyone from pupils, parents, carers, staff, Governors, High Schools, local businesses, local people, volunteers and Cardiff County Council all have a role to play. Remember that ‘Together we can all Succeed’.