My determination this week was to make sure I got out and spoke to more children and looked at their amazing learning. I am pleased to say that, on certain days, I was able to be successful in this goal. I saw the Year 5s using the Roald Dahl story Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to stimulate their learning in literacy but also in other subjects. They were able to use their numeracy skills to work out the profit that they would make by selling their own sweets and treats at a Roald Dahl Sweet Stall. I am pleased to say the calculations were correct and that a good profit was made by the year group. The funds raised will go towards the next Good To Be Green celebration trip.


I was also fortunate to see some of our children at one of our extra-curricular clubs. The Global Links Club had two special visitors this week in the form of our two Rwandan teacher visitors. The children were shown how to make balls from banana tree fibres. The interest and enthusiasm from the children showed me how important it is that children get to experience unusual and inspiring things at School. They need to develop that love of learning. I am certain that many of those children will be able to recall that session when they made balls from banana tree fibre in years to come.


I introduced the assembly to almost all of our children on Friday of last week. It was an opportunity for me to speak to all year groups and to say goodbye and thank you to Teacher Rebecca and Teacher Elisabeth. In addition, we have been raising money for us to start a ukulele group at the School. This week’s assembly gave us the opportunity to share the news with the children that we now have enough instruments to start the group. A friend of the School, Frank, helped to raise the funds for the ukulele and the children sang ‘Don’t worry… About a thing’ with Frank accompanying us on the ukulele. We also presented the Rwandan teachers with two ukuleles for them to take back to Rwanda so that their children may learn the instrument too.


Although I did get to see more of the children this week, I did spend most of two days out of school at two training events. It is vital that I continually access good quality training if the School is going to continue on its path of improvement. Some of the available training for Headteachers is provided by Cardiff Council, some by the Central South Consortium and some by private companies. However, some of the best training that I receive is from other Schools or other Headteachers. I always manage to find at least one piece of useful information or advice when on training and I will continue to develop myself and the staff of Llanedeyrn Primary School to ensure we can provide the best teaching and learning for our pupils.


Together we can all succeed