One of our focuses this year is to relentlessly improve sporting opportunities at Llanedeyrn Primary School.


Understandably there is a huge focus on improving literacy and numeracy in Wales. It is our aim that every child reaches their potential academically whilst they are in our School. We must give our students the skills that they are going to need as they grow older. They must be able to read and also understand what they have read. They need to be able to use a variety of number calculations both mentally and through recording their workings. They should be able to speak clearly and listen well to others. They should be able to apply their numeracy skills in real life settings. There is no doubt that schools have a responsibility to ensure our pupils gain these vital skills.


However, it must also be the responsibility of schools to provide skills and opportunities beyond maths and English. Creative and physical skills are needed to develop rounded, cultured and socially aware adults of the future.


I have been very lucky myself to have had so many sporting opportunities afforded to me. I played football, rugby and tennis on a weekly basis. I went swimming; I learnt Judo; I ran the 800M. Some of these activities were provided by my schools and some were provided by external clubs.


I have no doubt that undertaking these individual and team sports developed me as a person. You understand team work, discipline, persistence, decision making, succeeding, failing, winning well, losing well, targeting improvements, the need to practise and so many other skills.


That is why we have been working tirelessly this year to improve the sporting opportunities for our pupils.


An ex-pupil, Aron Davies, this week donated one of his framed Wales Under 16s football shirts that he has worn whilst representing his country. Aron is currently playing at Fulham Football Club in London. What better advocate for what determination to succeed in sport can result in. We are very grateful to Aron and his family for the donation and we will use the shirt to inspire our pupils to also achieve greatness in their chosen sporting field.


Colin Jackson, the Olympic hurdles star, grew up in Llanedeyrn. Although he didn’t come to Llanedeyrn Primary School, it shows what children from our community can achieve if given the opportunities.


So far this year our pupils have experienced in various year groups: football, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, canoeing, cross country running, badminton, hiking, multi-sports, dance and other sports. These are excluding the actual PE lessons that the children undertake!

Of course in order for this to have happen we needed to have adults supporting our pupils. We are tremendously lucky to have such committed individuals currently on the School staff and within the local community who can see the value in providing these opportunities and I would like to thank all staff and stakeholders who have supported our drive for greater sporting opportunities in the opening weeks of the year.


So although we will always be aiming to improve the pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills, we will also aim to develop those skills that can not necessarily be taught in a classroom but are better developed on a tennis court, a rugby field or even in a canoe!


Your support in this aim will, as always, be gratefully received.


Together we can all succeed