Headteacher Blog 17/12/15

And so we approach the end of the long Autumn Term 2015 and by the time I have written and published this particular Blog, most of our Christmas celebrations in School will be over.

Christmas in School is a wonderful time. Christmas is about children and their families coming together to spend time enjoying one another’s company and to relax and take part in those annual traditions that we all love.

Our School is very much a family and we are no different in that Christmas can be a fun time where there is more laughter and joviality than at other times of the year (except perhaps the other day before the Summer Holidays!).

Our Christmas concerts are an annual tradition and Christmas would not be the same without them. For many of our morning and afternoon Nursery classes, they will be singing on a stage for the first time. I very much enjoyed these performances and I know that the parents who came to watch were excited to see their children showing such confidence on the stage.

Again our Reception children retold the Nativity story and I believe that this is an important part of life in Primary School. The Nativity play is something that some schools no longer undertake but we will continue to give our children the opportunity to perform this important Christmas story.

Then we come to the Year One and Year Two concert – I was delighted to see that one of our pupils, Marcus, was playing a version of me! He looked fantastic dressed in his suit with his glasses and beard. He was my spitting image! But more importantly Marcus spoke his lines so clearly and even sung a solo several times through the performance. The confidence and calmness that Marcus was able to show demonstrates why these performances are so important in developing pupils. Marcus will have performed in front of over 200 adults over the two performances. Where else would he have the opportunity to do that? And that is the same for all of the Year One and Year Two pupils who performed this week.

And finally the Key Stage Two performances. This is always a big production as we have so many children in the Juniors. Our Year 5s lead the performances but every other year group was part of the concerts. The skill of their singing is very impressive and the children gave their all during the performances.

Performing in a large group sums up our School’s vision of ‘Together we can all succeed’. It makes me a very proud Headteacher to see all our community coming together to support each other.

Thank you to all the pupils, staff, parents, governors and volunteers who have supported the School this term.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!