Hello and welcome to Llanedeyrn Primary School’s webpage.

We are a large, happy and diverse community school with over 370 pupils on roll.  We enjoy being at the heart of the Cardiff suburb of Llanedeyrn and we relish the excitement and challenges that being a school in the Welsh capital city brings.

We strongly believe that ‘Together we can all succeed’ and this vision is the driving force each and everyday.  We want all of our pupils to achieve the standards that they are capable of.  We have high expectations for all groups of learners including pupils with special educational needs, more able pupils and pupils who speak English as an additional language.

We strive to deliver three core principles:

  1. Excellent Teaching
  2. Excellent Learning
  3. Excellent Environment

We recognise that the school needs to work with every member of the Llanedeyrn community to support us in delivering these principles daily.  The Governing Body, school staff, pupils, parents, members of the local community, businesses, religious groups, the local High School and external agencies have to communicate and work together to deliver the education all of our children deserve.

We have a strong focus on improving standards of pupils.  We seek to improve pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills so that when they leave us in Year 6, they are able to read and use number beyond the average Year 6 pupil.  This will put them at an advantage when they arrive at High School.

However, we want to develop the ‘whole’ child.  We develop strong personal and social skills in pupils so they can get along with each other and recognise the feelings of others.  We allow children opportunities to develop artistically through music and art lessons.  We provide physical activities throughout the day and teach pupils about healthy living.  We run a breakfast club and many other extra curricular clubs.  We are a computer literate school, using ipads to support and enhance the children’s learning.

As well as having an 80 place nursery, we also host two Special Resource Bases.  In these bases we have pupils for whom full time mainstream schooling is not applicable.  We are very proud to house these bases and the pupils within them benefit enormously from being part of a mainstream school. In addition, the mainstream pupils’ attitudes to disability are mature and considerate.  This demonstrates our aim to support and educate all of our pupils.

Having only recently been appointed as headteacher for Llanedeyrn Primary School, I am looking forward to leading such a successful and dynamic school towards the future.

Should you wish to get in touch with the school, you can do so by viewing the contact details on the webpage.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mr James.

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